Friday, March 8, 2013

Did it

Status: Whoa

What's on Spotify?  CULT OF PERSONALITY by Living Colour

'Ello, 'ello,

Yes, it looks like another month has hurtled past our faces since I've blogged last but I have a reeeeeeeal good reason.  I done just got published, my friends. 

As of Feb, 18, 2013, DRYNN shot out into the digital ether like a flaming boulder from a trebuchet. *laughing at own simile* The feedback?  Perma-grin inducing.  

Probably the coolest thing was while at work (Maxs Oyster Bar in West Hartford for those who don't know me personally), I walk past two of my buds and at the edge of my hearing I hear "...and he's got this ridgebone growing out of the middle of his forearms..." and then "...and she jumps right over the car with that ax..." and I realized, hey, they're talking about my book!  Just like they might talk about last night's game!  I wasn't even part of the conversation which made it all that much cooler, in fact I've had a number of people who devoured it in under three days!  It's hard to give a writer a better compliment. 

Speaking of the MOB (Max's Oyster Bar), I can't say enough about how supportive my crew has been, as well as management, and even my guests.  Some of my first readers were the servers I work with, and because I've worked there for over nine years now I've had guests coming in before I even finished DRYNN, who've been following my progress for years.  "Any news on the book?" is a common question, and I've been blessed enough to more times than not give them a new update. :)  

It's funny, because now that I'm here, I've entered a WHOLE new universe.  Exciting yes, intimidating...perhaps a wee bit, nothing I can't handle of course, but I'm in total sponge mode now.  Suddenly there's podcasts, guest blogs, promotions, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, all kinds of stuff that takes a bit of time to get my brain wrapped around.  Fortunuately, I love connecting with people so theoretically, I should do splendidly, it's just getting to that state of mind where I feel like I own it. 

I look forward to being able to feel that. :) 

I'll finish Too Young For Manticores next week. ;)

Steve out