Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Perfect Word

STATUS: Studious

What's playing on Pandora? THE KILLING MOON by Echo and the Bunnymen

I get pleasure from many things.

Easy now; I wouldn't want to redden any tender ears in the realm of PG, I'm talking about somebody saying 'exactly' because I've humbly provided the word they were searching for (don't know what you were thinking about, sparky). Yes, I am easily amused, but not only is it mental sharpening, it also shows my friend, colleague, or whomever, that I am truly listening.

That's what panther-ninjas do.

Sometimes a word will lurk in my mind, awaiting the chance to pounce and be known. Oh yes, it wants to shine but I don't let it out; nosiree, trying to look fancy or showoff-ish-y-esque makes you look like a great big FUGEIZE, and nobody wants that.

Flow the word must (my best Yoda).

And then it happens. You're engaged in a lively, stimulating conversation and your forgotten, jack-in-the-box adjective of 'obsequious' just emerges and the person you're talking to says "Exactly!" "Love that word" "Great diction!"

And then I smile. Another panther-ninja strike.

I was watching Madmen last night and heard this one: "You've crossed the line from lubricated to morose."

Great diction! Exactly! Love that word morose, I should use it more.

A new word lurks...

Steve out.