Saturday, June 12, 2010

On Straddling Two Worlds

Status: The deep breath before the plunge.

What's playing on Pandora? BORN ON THE BAYOU by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Every once in a while I'll get a strange look questioning the wisdom of living in two places simultaneously. Not literally of course, I have yet to acquire the technology to get me a couple of clones working, but the first half of the week I live Elmwood, CT, the second half I live in Woodside, Queens, but that strange look usually evaporates when I give them my reason, and the reason is this:

When I'm eighty years old chilling in my favorite rocking chair and listening to some tunes, I want look back at that time I just dove in and lived in a magic city. And I'm a Red Sox fan.

Being a writer helps of course, and I find myself savoring the oddest things, like...oh, I don't know solace perhaps. Ironic to come to one of the world's most bustling cities to find some peace, but I'm just calling'em like I see'em. A sanctuary if you will.

Enough songs have been written and movies have been made so that i won't bore you with what I love most (though there is something comforting about hearing that 7 train rumbling down the night) but I am a convert...New York is New York for a reason, and I am a fan. Thanks Jester for dragging me down here and introducing me to Aubergine!

This is my first foray into the realm of blog writing, and though I am a novelist and love to talk shop, there are way too many subjects out there for me to avoid so...I'll be hitting them all, well a bunch of them at least, that is the plan.

For now I am honored that you have joined me; greetings and salutations. (humble bow)

If I Could Wave A Magic Wand List...item #1--Know how to play the blues on this here guitar.