Sunday, June 20, 2010

Had to do it

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What's playing on PANDORA? FALL DOWN by Toad the Wet Sprocket

Had to do it.

Had to see The Karate Kid, and as a Gen X'er, I feel quite qualified. I'm not gonna make it a habit to review movies, but I must have seen the first two originals a half bazillion times, visions of Peter Cetera clenching his fists and crooning into the camera dancing in my head, interspersed with flashes of Ralph Macchio bleeding. I mean come on, 'wax on; wax off' for crying out loud.

So for Father's Day I rattled off the list of movies playing to my Paw and when it settled over none other than the The Karate Kid, we both looked at each other. Hmmm. Eyebrows went up. "You hear anything?" I asked him, and he was like "Heard it was supposed to be good, Will Smith's kid." I had not known that, so daring to hope we went......DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNN.

First thing. The 'Karate' Kid. Karate is Japanese. They went to China, homeland of Kung Fu (of which, ahem, I studied for several years). Kung Fu is quite distinct so five demerits right off the back, HOWEVER, they address it rather quickly, and effectively so...I didn't hold it against it though I could have. I wanted to like this movie.

Just as in novel writing, the first page (first paragraph really), or for movies, the first two minutes, count highly for me and I must say...well done, and all without a word spoken. The villain, WAY better than the first (sorry Johnny), little Jaden, right on little bro, I thought he did a way good job! In fact, all the characters were awesome, frickin' awesome even, plus a couple others that weren't in the original, but enhanced it. Great writing too. movie I've seen this year, and I'd see it again. Call me sentimental but it was strangely nostalgic, and pleasant. Indeed.

Somebody told me that blogs shouldn't be novellas so....

Steve out.

P.S. It was cool to see inside China

If I could wave a Magic Wand List item #2: Learn how to use a bo staff! Soft Style and Hard Style.