Monday, July 26, 2010

Dark Paths

STATUS: Spooky

What's playing on itunes? SILVER by The Arks

Ever get sucked into a song that you have no business listening to? Something 99 times out of a 100 you would skip right over or downright delete?

That's me right now. I got a buddy of mine who recently bequeathed me about 45 ka-billion MP3's, and in the course of two months, I've listened to maybe 4oo; I'm still in the A's.

Now, I consider myself a pretty savvy music connoisseur, but I have to say, only a fraction of these 9000 tracks sound even vaguely familiar. Am I really that far out of the loop? Tonight, I stumbled on some pretty demented, warped alleged music.

Honestly, this stuff sounds like something Buffalo Bill (that warm and cuddly villain from the THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS) would be listening to in his cave just just before he prepares to do some...tailoring. It's chaotic, thrashing, and loud, like...rebel monks on a bad acid trip. I think it borders on evil.

But I haven't turned it off.

In fact, it inspired a little exploration. I tied a silver rope around my waist and rappelled right into the basement of my own mind.

I didn't linger mind you, just hitched a ride on a handglider for a couple of songs; but I think 'surreal' is a good adjective to desribe the evening's foray. I don't even know if i could duplicate it if I wanted to.

The question I'm asking is this: Is that all right? Is it cool to embrace a little darkness on occasion? Get caught up in the music and do a little role-playing within the safety your own mind? I say yes. Just come back, that's all. Learn something about yourself, get inspired or just feel and then apply it to your life. Ahem, constructively please, no need to go all creep-o. As for me...come on now, you know where that's the craft.

Villains have to come from somewhere...right?

Steve out.