Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Source

Status: Jolly Good

What's playing on the IPOD? THE DISTANCE by Cake

I get this one the most: Just where exactly do you get your ideas from, anyway Mr. Panther-Ninja? (alright, only a few people call me Mr. Panther-Ninja) Now, I've talked to many writers, and so far, I've discovered that I am the only one who gets my ideas this way, at least as far as I know, and it's simple. It's the music.

Since I can remember, whenever I hear something bad-ass, or sad, or head-bouncing, I see a scene in my head, something happening and behold! A story is born! Take...hmmm....and oldie but goodie, KICKSTART MY HEART by Motley Crue. Now, every single time I hear that song, to this day, one scene comes to mind, and that is a car chase right down the highway at rush hour, weaving and skidding, I can see it in my mindscape as if I were already there! And I love it, and have I ever incorporated it into a scene of my books? Yessireee, that would be an affirmative Ghostrider. Get a whole bunch of scenes like way points, thread them together, devise a beginning, middle, and end, and voila! Let the clickity clacking begin.

The cool thing is that I listen to alot of music. That means LOTS of ideas (which is quite handy as a writer) Ever ask someone, what sort of music do you like most and they annoyingly say, "well, everything." SUH-MACK! Well, I'm one of them : )

As long as it's good and moves me in, and because of my rather diverse repertoire of music appreciation, I have oodles of notebooks just filled with scenes, characters, bits of dialogue and story ideas just awaiting summoning. Like I said, very handy.

I'm curious though, other writers....where do you get your inspiration? Do tell!